Have been dating james chien the chef

, and was nominated for a fourth Olivier Award in 2006 for portraying the broadcaster David Frost in Frost/Nixon, a role he revisited in the 2008 film adaptation of the play.He also starred as the outspoken football manager Brian Clough in The Damned United (2009).Earlier this month, in desperation, the RSPCA launched an urgent appeal to rehome some of the hundreds of horses in their care.Their three sanctuaries, with capacity for 640 horses, are full, with 500 other horses being kept at huge expense in private boarding stables while they wait for a place.Malory offered Woodhouse the job of taking care of Archer.

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It got to the point that when she came home he clung to Woodhouse and stated he had no mother and said he hated her even though she brought him several gifts when she returned.

Her grandfather, Lou Gaw Tong, grew up "dirt poor" in the rural village of Penglai in the Fujian province of China, but became wealthy through a chain of grocery stores and ultimately became a polygamist with nine wives and eleven children.

– the series which she would anchor a decade later – where she answered phones and copied faxes for distribution.

version of the CBS reality-television program Big Brother since its debut in July 2000 and is the longest-serving host of any country's version of the show.

Previously, she was a co-anchor of The Early Show on CBS.