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All predictive modelling tools used to forecast the status and health of populations following restoration activities depend on a validated estimate of adult lifespan.

Of the seven Haliotis species in California, white abalone is considered to have the highest extinction risk and was the first marine invertebrate listed as an endangered species under the Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA).

1 in 1981, she served as Secretary for twenty-three years. 7 serving as Royal Matron 2013-2014, Order of the Amaranth in Mobile, AL.

Ruth was a life member of the Order of Amaranth and Deputy Supreme Royal Matron of the Supreme Council and Past Royal Matron of Gulf Coast Court No.

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Neeley; her son, Steve David Neeley; her daughter, Juana Sue Neeley Roy; and her siblings, Barbara D'Argis, Pauline Hodges, and James (Buddy) Kee; her paternal grandparents, Thomas Franklin and Frances Shiver Gainey; her Godparents, William and Ruth Kee; her two nephews, Henry Arcand and Ricky Moore; two nieces, Paulette Hice and Mary Arcand; two great nieces, Anneliese Moore and Kasey Brown; and two great-great nephews. She was a member and Past President of Adah Chapter's Past Matron's Club.

Easy walk to Pecan Park Elem school and Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Understanding basic life-history characteristics of white abalone (Haliotis sorenseni), such as estimated lifespan, is critical to making informed decisions regarding the recovery of this endangered species. Age validation of canary rockfish (Sebastes pinniger) using two independent otolith techniques: lead–radium and bomb radiocarbon dating. | Cross Ref | Sebastes pinniger) using two independent otolith techniques: lead–radium and bomb radiocarbon dating.&title=Marine and Freshwater Research&date=2007&volume=58&spage=531&epage=541&sid=csiro&aulast=Andrews&aufirst=A.

Lifespan was previously estimated from observations of early growth; however, no study has generated ages for the largest white abalone.

To address questions of age and growth, bomb radiocarbon (ΔC reference records to provide estimates of age, growth and lifespan.