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An additional charge sheet, released to The Gazette on Monday, alleged that Caughey had forced a woman to give him oral sex and photographed a naked woman “without her consent.” Related: Understanding Sexual Assault In The Armed Forces Requires Looking Outside The Military » A 23-year Air Force veteran, Caughey’s responsibilities included running a 22-nation missile defense war game in 2014 for U. Caughey’s civilian lawyer, Ryan Coward, portrayed several of the women as spurned lovers, driven by rage after they learned of the married colonel’s philandering.Tim Grantonic, Air Force Office of Special Investigations special agent, testified that at least two of the women began asking questions, investigating the colonel’s love life even as Air Force officials ran a military investigation.But, levity aside, cheating on your partner is one of the worst things you can do.Fortunately, as with poker tells and forensic tax investigation, cheaters in the realm of love also have certain predictors. Cheating at cards makes you a bad sport (and worse if there's money on the line).Cheating on your taxes makes you a bad citizen (or a great presidential candidate).

The feeling is more common with Irish women as only 29% of men said their best sex was with in a previous relationship.Additionally, while wholly correlative in nature, certain occupations have higher instances of cheating.Interestingly enough, the majority of people who do cheat, do so at work.That said, given the nature of the sites affected, it has the potential to be compromising to some users if the data starts circulating widely.In the aftermath of the Ashley Madison attack, numerous users reported receiving extortion and blackmail attempts.