Sidebar weather not updating

I also tried Google desktop and again the sidebar weather application isn't working.

I suppose Google weather app and the one Vista has not supported.

This is particularly useful for travel and events sites, or specialized activity sites such as for skiing or sailing.

However, even if your site is for your personal business or local cricket club, it is advantageous to include a weather forecast.

The weather meter says it is 13deg and partly cloudy, however, in reality it is 16deg and sunny.

I know it's not your fault because you use data from

(V) Try to re-register concerned dll files of Windows gadgets. Go to Start and under search type in Even after trying the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, you are unable to get them to work, you can try these Fix It solutions released by Microsoft.

Maybe Microsoft has done something and wants this "problem" to force people go on Windows 10 ? i suppose that the weather in sidebar is not working for you as well.Attracting a loyal website audience over time is one of the most important things to help your business succeed. The more small but useful touches you can build into your webs, the higher the chances are that visitors will favor your site over others.One possibility that can be beneficially worked into a lot of different type of sites is providing weather information to your visitors by using a weather plugin.8Gadget Pack makes it possible to use gadgets on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8. After a while (it can take some minutes) the installer will be complete and you need to click on Finish.How-to FAQ Version history First you need to download the installer (the link is on the top right of this page) and open it. These three default gadgets will appear on the right side.