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How To Update and Enhance Your Interior Stairs Stairs can be updated to transform an ordinary entrance into an elegant looking one.

Though many homeowners pay little attention to stairs, they dominate the interior design of a home.

At 66 inches wide, the angled wall of the entry could accommodate a freestanding piece of furniture no wider than five feet, and with a maximum height of 30 inches.

I wish we were going on a classic road trip, complete with car-dancing, crazy wind-blown hair and more Mike-and-Ikes than one digestive system is equipped to handle, but it’s not that kind of trip: we’re headed down memory lane, buds.(By the way, I’m fully aware that in normal life, my singing voice sounds like a dying cat… When we bought our house, the entryway looked like this: And, as I mentioned in this post where I showed you all our befores-and-afters, we changed the railings to look like this shortly after we moved in: I’ve gotten soooo many questions about how we stained the railings and replaced the balusters with iron, so I’m finally, finally sharing how we did it. (Which I’ll tell you about right this very minute.) 2. First we gotta bust out the white wooden balusters!

Four ways to update interior staircases include painting, working on the risers, painting the walls and changing the handrails. It will create the illusion of a runner going up the stairs.

Paint the stairs Painting is among the top five ways to update interior staircases. Change the handrail Modify your baluster if you have a larger budget.

The next step was to actually get down to papering!!

We started with the stairs looking like this: No lino, new trim on the edges. Had there been holes in the treads (like if we'd pulled up carpet) we'd have filled those in with wood filler and sanded- but the lino left us with a pretty pristine surface. The basic method I followed was one I found via Pinterest on Lovely Crafty Home- the Ultimate Brown Paper Flooring Guide.