Uupdating att wireless cell phone

Because I could not afford to buy another phone my brother gave me his old one so that I would not end up in another country with no means to communicate.

I would NEVER use AT&T and have told all my friends and family the same.

if i start a new 2 year contract with at&t wireless and currently have a contract still going on that will not expire until december do i still have to pay and early termination fee on the old contract Yes.

Before you open a new line, which is going to cost you new activation fees, prorated charges, and loss of any accumulated rollover minutes, talk to customer service, and check your upgrade options.

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If your phone is damaged or broken, explain the situation so that they can provide you with options.

If your contract is out in December, depending on your current plan, how long you've been with them, and a number of other things, you may be eligible to get a new discounted phone already even though your current contract is out.

They didn't care that someone in THEIR store sold me a phone that I could not use now and that I would end up going to Australia and be phoneless.

AT&T is dedicated to providing its customers with wireless technology designed to enrich their lives.

One of the main benefits of choosing an AT&T Mobile Phone Plan is unlimited calls to other AT&T wireless mobile users.

On occasion, I slip the SIM chip out and place it in my old Samsung Rugby 3 Flip phone so I can have my home phone and cell right at my finger tips should I leave the house for a while and anticipate important calls.

This device might seem as if it isn't needed, because a regular cell phone can communicate without the added size and connections needed to make this device work.