Who is tara reid dating 2016

but it just drives home the fact that they really never seem to be getting along, let alone in love.Oh yeah — and their fight isn't even the only thing causing drama this week, because the couples have to endure a surprise lie detector test that will prove whether they can really trust each other!Once again accusing her of 'making up these conspiracy theories,' he angrily 'broke up' with her, telling her: 'Guess what, by not trusting me you lost somebody that you care about.

In 2013, she starred as April Wexler in the television film Sharknado, and went on to reprise the role in four sequels (2013–2017).Later that same year she appeared in a pair of more financially successful films, Cruel Intentions and Urban Legend, each of which grossed just under million in the US and led to two sequels each, though none included Reid.July 2010 - Present Tara Reid and Michael Axtmann called off their engagement in April 2010, then went their separate ways for a few months.The sad news comes on the heels of numerous stars losing their lives in 2016.Related: Stars We Lost In 2016 While the actress didn't go into details about her poppa's death, she did manage to pen a beautiful and emotional tribute in his honor, even going as far to coin Thomas as her "hero". They're damned if they do but damned if they don't, but better to do than not!